Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01: Why Should I Incorporate Social Media into my Marketing Plan?

Answer: Real estate agents want and need to engage with the new ways of communication to ensure that they are at the forefront of consumer trends. Facebook has nearly 1 billion users, and YouTube receives more than 4 billion views each and everyday. Social media and technology help agents engage with more homebuyers, and bring more value to their sellers.

Question 02: Why Are the Training Videos Taking Time To Load?

Answer: Depending on your internet connection, you may need to have the videos buffer before viewing them. If not, the video will pause for a few seconds until the video is done buffering. Our advice is to let the video buffer before watching them. In the event you are still experiencing this problem please contact us at

Question 03: Are CE Credits Available with this Program?

Answer: Due to the frequently evolving nature of technology, CE credits are not available for these courses but you do receive a tech and social marketing certificate upon completion of courses.

Question 04: Who is Social NetworX Inc.?

Answer: Social NetworX Inc. has been offering some of the most in depth and effective social media trainings in the industry. We are proud to share the fact that we have built our company by focusing on creating the very best product for the industry – period. Refer to our “Company Profile” located on our home page on how our company started.

Question 05: Can I access Online Videos through my iPad or Mobile Devices?

Answer: Yes, you can access all of our online training videos through your iPad and Mobile Devices. Keep in mind that you will need to have installed the latest iOS Software Update on your iPad to view the videos. Please refer to PDF for step-by-step instructions.

Question 06: Are there any System Requirements to Watch the Video Presentations?

Answer: In order for you to watch the video presentations you will need to have installed the most updated browser on your computer (i.e Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.) MAC products including laptops and desktops will play video files without issue.

Question 07: How Do Refunds Work?

 Answer: Full refunds are available within the first 30 days of purchase so long as you have not accessed course material. Please email in the event a refund is requested.

Question 08: Do I Have Access to Customer Service or Technical Support?

Answer: If you have any questions regarding customer service issues you may call 909.786.2107 or email us at You can also text directly for quick responses at 909.917.1717

Question 09: Can I Buy a Video / Package and Share with My Office or Associates?

Answer: No. The purchase of any video content from this website authorizes the user one license for individual use only.

Question 10: Can I Get a Course Taught at my Office?

Answer: Yes, Social NetworX Inc. offers individual social media courses for offices. There is a minimum requirement of at least 15 attendees. For more information on pricing, and specifics please contact Matt Ahlmann, (Social Media Marketing Strategist) at 909.786.2107 or

Question 11: Can I purchase additional licenses at a discount?

Answer: Yes, please contact us at 909.786.2107 or email us at for group license pricing.

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