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Social NetworX Inc. is a leading social media training organization. They have developed one of the most comprehensive and effective training programs in the industry. They are proud to share the fact that they built their company by focusing on their very best product and service – period.

"We figured that if we built a good enough product, then the marketing push that we so desperately needed would follow. Times have changed where you no longer need to pay for expensive advertising campaigns, billboards, and television commercials. Rather focus on your product, service, and your members and everything else will fall into place." – John Reyes, President

How it All Started

The team that developed the original concept which later became Social NetworX Inc. started off in home mortgage industry in 2005. At the time there were more than 400 competing business within a 10 mile radius. Social NetworX Inc. President, John Reyes, felt that the market was completely saturated and he wanted to create a service that could benefit all involved in the real estate industry. His original concept was developing a website that marketed Open Houses. "At the time we began our initial project, the primary way of advertising an open house was to place signs around the neighborhood and hope that people see them," explained company president, John Reyes.

In an effort to promote their original online website,, the team used social media marketing including Facebook and YouTube. "Trying to get the attention of real estate managers was sometimes treacherous. There would be multiple gatekeepers and trying to pass them traditionally was not working well for us. Instead of calling them on the phone, we started chatting directly with them on Facebook. That changed the game for us, and it literally changed our direction as a company."

What the Social NetworX Inc. team did not realize is that they were getting really good at using social media marketing. Ultimately requests began coming in not for their online service, but rather for their social media marketing expertise.

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